Double Summer Sun


Hohohohoholaaa 😀

Saya kembaliiiii, bawa satu cerita sebagai pembuka dari semi hiatus…hehehe 😛

Ya jadi masih hiatus buat cerita…tapi akan selalu ada… 😀

Kali ini gaet Dong Yongbae a.k.a Taeyaaaang Bigbang…uuuuyeaaaah (swaggin’ with Bigbang)


Sebenernya ceritanya udah ada sejak musim panas yang lalu, tapi yaaaa…yasudahlah…

Semoga menghangatkan hati di musim hujan yang beneran ujan ini yaaaaa 😀

Bakalan ada scene yang agak menyimpang…so look out for the rate okaaaay 😉

Hope it’s good enouh for the opening….

With love and respect, Sweetchilice

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Title: Double Summer Sun

Lenght : One shoot (2101words)
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG-15 for kiss scene

Main Cast:

  • Dong Yongbae (Taeyang of Bigbang)
  • Gain(OC)

Sub Cast:

  • Rest of Bigbang Member
  • Seven

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Kwon Jiyong’s Story (The Break Up)

Annyeong readers sekalian…. 😀

Pertama, gimana ilustasinya pemirsa? Menyedihkan ya?._.v maap saya baru belajar buat ilustasi buat fanfic dan ide saya gak terlalu bagus…hehehehe….


Kali ini saya kembali dengan cerita pendek tentang Paman Naga alias GDragon.Saya benar-benar terpesona sama lagu-lagu yang liriknya dalem banget ciptaan paman naga, ini mengingatkan saya pada musisi Indonesia yang lagi dipenjara, hehe (Jangan dipikirin!)

Cerita ini merupakan cerita pembuka dari Kwon Jiyong’s Story, episode kali ini judulnya The Break Up, semoga aja saya mendapatkan inspirasi buat serial Kwon Jiyong’s Story selanjutnya yaaaa 😀

Ini ceritanya pasti common banget, boring banget, dan banyak basa-basinya…. Saya senang conversation, jadi cerita ini juga dipenuhi conversation alias ngomong terus…haha 😀

Paman Naga, dimanapun kau berada saat ini, I love your mellow soul, haha, so sweet and hurt getooo… Salam sama soulmate mu Jerry yang masih menyita pikiran saya.

Readers, selamat membaca. I love you all!

Love you, with full of respect, admin and author of Sweetchilice, Megan :D

Picture by om google, illustration and story by me :)

Title : Kwon Jiyong’s Story (The Break Up)
Main Cast :
– Kwon Jiyong (GDragon BigBang)
– Han Jangmi (OC)
Lenght : One shoot 1263 words
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG-13 Continue reading

Unavoidable Guy (Seungri’s heart feel)


Kali ini saya bawa abang Panda, setelah menonton intimate note saya sadar bahwa abang Panda itu unyu-unyu juga ternyata…..hahahahaha 😀 (cukup!)

Okay, cerita ini gak akan ada lanjutannya, cerita ini akan berakhir sampai sini aja, gak akan ada part 2, atau sekuelnya, kecuali ada yang punya ide, please tell me some, mungkin bakal ada lanjutan ceritanya, tapi kalo readers pun sama-sama gak punya ide kayak saya, itu artinya cerita Lee Hanra sama Lee Seunghyun a.k.a Seungri cuma sampe sini aja, hehehe 😀

Anyway, cerita ini mungkin sama sekali gak menarik dan membosankan, mungkin kalian akan berhenti sebelum cerita ini selesai kalian baca, hehe, gapapa,  lagi-lagi saya pengen bilang ini:

Tolong kasih saya sepatah dua patah kata setelah membaca, saya ngerti kalo ada siders, karena saya pernah jadi siders, hehe:P tapi percayalah, apa yang kalian lakukan, itulah yang kalian semai (Alamak!), jadi saat ini, saya ngerti kenapa masih ada siders di blog saya, (karena saya dulu pernah jadi siders) dan semoga saja seiring berjalannya waktu, ketika dosa saya di blog lain sebagai sider udah terbayar, saya mendapatkan readers yang memberi saya komentar, hehe

Kelamaan! Intinya, hace a nice read guys…

Love you, with full of respect, admin and author of Sweetchilice, Megan 😀

Picture by om google, story by me 🙂

My story inspirated by: chanyb on Dia, Pria itu, dan Kita at

Title : Unavoidable Guy (Seungri’s heart feel)
Main Cast :
– Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri BigBang)
– Lee Hanra (OC)
Lenght : One shoot 2997 words
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG-13 Continue reading

Dream Land Part 2 (The Real Hell)

“You really don’t know how to speak Korean, do you?” I nod my head several times and they stares each other again. God, please help me this time!

“Well, I guess I can accept that Miss Patrice…” a guy who has nice smile, Sungmin smiled at me, his eyes really almost make me collapse.

“Really?! How about the rest of you guys?” I smiled frustatedly; really hope I can speak Korean better than this.

“So we can teach you how to speak Korean right?!” no, that’s bad idea.

“Yeah! That’s good idea Hyukkie-ya!” I was told you that aren’t good idea.

“Well, I’m your teacher, so this is my job to teach you all English, not you who have to teach me Korean, remember?” they said nothing, Oh; I forget that they come here to learn English; I guess I talk too fast right?

“I mean…we can learn anything together right guys? I can teach you English, and you can teach me some Korean. Its okay then. So, can we start now?”


Super Junior minus Siwon and Shindong are sweet. I’m not kidding, they really sweet and nice. They have nice face and attitudes. That’s great! Last time I thought some Korean guy, they can’t stop talking in Korean about my good shape body, and they really thought I don’t understand anything. That was horrible, but this guy are put respect on me.

And this day I have to go to SM office to teach them. Soon after the SS3 they become so busy and got no more time to go out, so the alternative is make me come over them.

“Good morning.” I smile to the front Receptionist who really looks like Barbie.

“Yes, can I help you Miss?” I really want to laughing, she is good but it has weird accent of English who sounds like French accent.

“I am Park Jung In, new English teacher of Super Junior; can you tell Mr. Soo Man that I was come? Or can you let me know where his room is?” I speak politely and slowly, I guess she understands, or not.

“Sure. Wait for minutes.” She really nice, I don’t know why this Asian people always smile and bow, but this is feels so good then.

I head she talk something in Korean about me then she nod for several times then hang up the phone.

“Mr. Soo Man is not in his office, but you can just go to the 5th floor to meet the Major Manager of Super Junior, he was wait for you, you can just ask someone there about him, his name was Kim Jungha.” I smiled again, her English is sounds like five years old girl, I really want to say about stop talking with English and speak Korean because I understand, but then I burry that feel vastly.

“Thanks. Good morning.” I bow deeply, since I lived here in Korea, I try to do this nice tradition, take a deep bow.

I’m happy to know that Mr.Soo Man in not here, I heard he don’t want woman as his child’s teacher. Well, I know why. Men are Men right? You got it?


I walk calmly trough the Lift door and try to find someone to ask to.

“Miss Patrice?” I turn my whole body when I heard loud voices come from behind my body. Ah, that was beautiful Heechul right?

“Heechul sshi. How are you?” I take a deep bow then smiled at him, he looked surprised.

“You know my name then. Haha. You are going to teach us again, aren’t you?”

“Ne.” He looked surprised again when I talk Korean, come on it just a simple word.

“Wow, it’s a good progress…” He smiled to me, show his good white teeth. “So, let’s go, my dongsaeng is already wait for you.”

“uhm, well Heechul sshi, I came here to meet Mr.…”O, I forget his name.

“Kim Jungha right? Hehe, he was waiting for you too, Miss Patrice…” I make an ‘oh’ shape in my mouth.

“So let’s go!” He hold my hand, Oh my God, his hand is warm. Really warm.

“Why you so cold?” Heechul laugh in low voice, I laugh nervously.

“I don’t know…” We walk slowly then he open a door to Room which is already full of people. Once again, Oh mY God, they really shine star aura. They all smiled to me, include older guy that I’m sure must be Kim Jungha, the major Manager.

“Annyeong.” I bow deeply once again, they reply my greeting with another cheerful greeting. My heart is so full right now.


“Okay, that’s all. Good morning, have a nice day guys…” I turn the slide show down then closed my notebook. They go out except Heechul sshi who come to me and help me. He’s a nice guy then.

“Thanks.” He walk beside me when we finish put my things in bag.

“How is our English speaking Miss Patrice?”

“You all show good progress. I think you all don’t need me anymore.” He laugh, his laughing voices is almost make me laughing again if I don’t remember that I can’t be so inelegant here. Have I told you about SNSD girls that suddenly appear in my class and make me feel terrible? It’s because they are so beautiful and have nice legs. They come just to find Mr Jungha, the major manager, but I’m sure they took super junior’s soul for a while.

“I’m sorry for the mood breaker that we gave to you…” He start talk as we wait for the lift.

“Mood breaker?” I laugh.” You all so nice, no one are my mood breaker” except Kyuhyun who always talk sarcastically with no reason.

“Really? I though you are mad when we call you ahjumma…” I laugh loudly, that time I was so mad they call me like that, but it was funny when they tease Heechul and Leeteuk too. We are in the same age.

“not really. It’s a bit weird then, but it’s okay.  I do old woman. Hehe” we both laugh. Oh, this is the real dream land right? Having good student, having good salary, and even having good conversation with some one that really fun. It’s just a dream right?

“Wa…watch out!” I realized that something bad will happen. Oh God! That was a huge trolley, what? Trolley?!Where does it come from?


Ouch. I get hit. Why anything become so dark? Uh, my head.


My head was dizzy. I open my eyes slowly. Wait, this is not room, why so many people here?

“eotteohge doengeoya??(What happened?)” I looked around. This is bus. Oh My God. I passed the bus station where I have to stop!

“geuman!(stop!)” I threw my body into crowd people then try to run before the door is closed. I can’t believe I sleep at bus and pass 2 blocks. I will be late!

So it’s just a dream. I run, I even put off my high heels to run faster. I don’t want to late in my first day to teach. Wait this is happened again. Déjà vu.

I arrived right when the bell is ringed. Oh, it’s an ordinary school, not private English school. Huh, Such a silly dream!

Hahaha 😀

I’m sorry. Just like the title. “Dream Land” it just a dream. I don’t know how to make a good story, so please give me any suggest to make me make a good story. Comment will be so help guys…thaks for read this silly fiction. have a nice day 😀


Title: Pigeon

Rating: All age

Cast: Park Sandara

Choi Seunghyun (TOP)

Moon Joon Woon

Jung Hyangkii (OC)

Disclaimer: Cerita ini merupakan cerita yang digabungkan dari cerita yang ada didalam MV dari lagu I’m sorry-nya Gummy.

“Nuna, apa yang kau lakukan?!” lengan Sam menahan lenganku.

“Melepaskan burung-burung ini…wae?” Sam menutup kandangnya kasar dan menatapku.

“Ada apa denganmu? ini burung appa, bagaimana bisa kau…”

“Mereka seharusnya bebas, bukan terkurung disini…lagipula appa tak akan marah jika tahu yang sebenarnya.”

“Nuna!” aku tak peduli. Kubiarkan jemariku menerobos pertahanan Sam. Appa baru saa pergi beberapa bulan yang lalu. Ini adalah burung yang appa pelihara selama hidup. Kukira ini baik, membelinya dari toko hewan, merawatnya, mendengarkannya berkicau. Menyenangkan, bahkan setelah appa pergi. Tapi kejadian hari ini tak bisa membuatku berhenti melakukan ini. aku yakin appa akan mengerti.


Lelaki tanpa ekspresi itu melangkah cepat melewati kandang-kandang burung yang masih terisi. Tanpa ragu dia melangkah keluar, beberapa burung beterbangan melewati kepalanya saat dia melangkah. Itu adalah burung yang baru saja dia lepaskan. Kaki panjangnya melangkah melewati beberapa anak tangga sekaligus.

Lelaki itu melanjutkan perjalannya. Namun langkahnya terhenti ketika menyadari sesuatu menarik perhatiannya, bird symbol, dia tak bisa menghindarinya, mungkin itu memang ditakdirkan utnuknya. Dia terduduk di vesva tahun 70 itu, sebuah pigeon symbol yang tergantung di kunci vesva itu-lah yang membuatnya terduudk di vespa itu dan melajukannya dengan cepat.


“Terimakasih…” Hyangkii tersenyum ramah, lengannya menggenggam gelas kertas berisi kopi late. Setelah bekerja keras seharian ini ia akhirnya memiliki waktu untuk pulang kerumah dan merawat burung-burung ayahnya yang baru saja pergi beberapa bulan yang lalu. Dia rindu ayahnya. Senyumnya memudar saat ia melihat vesva milik ayahnya dibawa seseorang. Dia berlari, tapi ia tak cukup cepat untuk itu, ia merasa berteriak pun tak ada gunanya.

“Aaah…ottokhae?” dia hampir saja meniangis hingga ia melihat sebuah mobil dan mulai menghentikan nya.

“Tuan…tolong aku….motorku dicuri….bantu aku….” Continue reading